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The Loan Process Step 1: Getting Pre-Qualified

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Getting Pre-Qualified

Planning to See the Bigger Picture

  • During this process, we help identify the price range of homes you should be looking at as well as a monthly payment that fits your budget and your comfort level. 

  • Determine the mortgage program that may be right for you, the amount of funds you will need to purchase the home and any negotiation strategies you may need to know prior to making the offer. 

The Application

To start the process you will be asked to fill out a quick application either online or over the phone.

  • Personal information - full legal name, date of birth, social security number and marital status

  • Employment and income information

  • Liquid asset information

  • Permission to have your credit pulled

  • Income documentation (to include one or some of the following: pay stubs, W-2 forms or 1099 forms, Award Letters, Tax Returns )

The Process

Once we have completed the initial qualification and run credit, we will:

  • Contact you to review the results of your qualification and go over options and questions

  • Email you a list of additional documents needed to move forward

  • Collect the Needed Documents from you 

  • Schedule an appointment to meet with us in person (if possible) to review your program options, cash to close and payment requirements

Find Your Home

The search begins.

  • With your pre-qualification in place and a clear understanding of your loan, you are now ready to embark on house hunting with confidence. 

  • You and your realtor are encouraged to call for updated estimates as you find homes you are interested in pursuing. 



*The prequalification may be based on unverified information the consumer voluntarily provides to LoanPeople, LLC. This is not a mortgage loan approval or a commitment to lend. A prequalification does not guarantee loan approval, nor is it an offer or commitment to make a loan to you on certain terms.

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